The Fun Starts Here was a logo concept for the State Fair of Louisiana's 2013 theme. After many brainstorming sessions, the creative team came up with this theme as a way to bring more attendance to this year's fair. The years prior, there had been some hurdles to face, so we felt that we needed to root the fair in the innocence and purity of fun. My concept came about by researching old signage from the glory days when the State Fair was something people would drive for days to attend. I thought about the vintage marquee and neon signs people would pass by on their journey.

With my launching pad set, I wanted to focus on the color palette and typefaces I would use. I wanted them to both be reminiscent of that era, but still modern. A little kid friendly as well since they are such a large part of the fair. After establishing the logo, I moved on to designing poster advertisements and merchandise that would be sold at the fair.
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