Visual IQ came to our team with the idea of creating a new microsite to accompany the new Radical Results campaign they were launching. The microsite needed to feature things including video pieces, a quiz, research articles, infographics and general guides to further explain Visual IQ as a whole. We are pretty proud of the results.

My responsibilities for this project were initial layouts for the slider images, infographic, and secondary graphics. I created all of the responsive layouts and handled all of the breakdown of assets to hand over to the web team. Another neat aspect to this microsite was the translation from English to both French and German. It took a lot of collaboration from our managers, to translators and lastly, to me, who was responsible for recreating all of the graphics in those new languages. It was a lot of work and very time consuming, but I am appreciative for the experience in knowing what goes into making a multi-regional site.

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